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The Guidebook #

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This site is an open repository for guides, videos, and general technical references related to crafting immersive digital experiences. It covers Unity Development, C# Programming, and more. This site is focused on technical how-to.

Audience #

Much of the content for this site was written to be used supplementary to in-class material. There are often more complex ways to accomplish a task that has various benefits over a more accessible approach. I choose what I feel is appropriate for my beginner-to-intermediate audience. The tone and language of the website may reflect that much of it was written for an audience of specific students with a beginner skill level. I hope that it is still helpful to a general audience.

Contributing To This Site #

  • The content for this site is written in Markdown.
  • This site was generated from the markdown content using Hugo.
  • The generation process uses the theme Hugo Book by Alex Shpak.
  • The site is hosted on GitHub Pages.
  • The github repository is here. You can fork this repository and make changes, then submit a pull request.