Blender Tutorials

Tutorials #

The Donut Tutorial by Blender Guru #

  • Donut Tutorial
  • A faster pace, long series, where you learn the bare minimum of a lot of tools (easy to forget if it’s your first tutorial). Overall, a good way to get a very broad and light understanding of the program.
  • Can do at any level.

How to Make a Hibiscus Flower in Blender by Octopus Effects #

  • How to Make a Hibiscus Flower
  • Goes over UV editing through uv mapping a flower petal onto a petal object made in Blender. A fun/short tutorial.
  • Beginner friendly.

Twisting Crystal by Polyfjord #

The Right Way to Cut Holes in Surfaces by Josh Gambrell #

Weight Painting in Blender (5-Minutes) by Royal Skies #

Introduction to the Compositor by Grant Abbitt #

Voxel and Quad Remeshing #