How To Use Ultimate XR

How to Use Ultimate XR #

Now that UXR is added to the URP Unity project and the settings have been corrected, what do you do now?

  1. Go to the UltimateXR folder now added to the unity assets window.
  2. Go to the Prefabs folder, selects Avatars, and then select one of the three avatar assets provided to you. Ultimate XR Avatar

Pink materials are setup for the non-URP render pipeline. UltimateXR provides prefabs with both material types, but are otherwise the same. Ignore or delete the pink ones.

  1. Drag the prefab into the hierarchy. Set it’s position to 0,0,0. This will make things easier when moving around/coding for the experience.
    Ultimate XR Hierarchy
  2. Completely unpack the prefab.
    Unpack UXR Prefab
  3. Make it your own prefab. Create a “Prefabs” folder in the root ‘assets’ folder if you do not already have one. Drag the now-unpacked (and not blue) avatar from the hierarchy into that folder. The GameObject in the scene should turn blue again. Create Own Prefab
  4. Don’t worry if you look at the game view and see that the camera is in the ground/object. This is how it should look. When you enter the scene via VR, the camera will adjust (as it tracks the headset) and be the correct height. Game View UXR
  5. That’s it. Everything should be ready for when you deploy to the quest!

For further things to do with the UXR plug-in, reference the documentation to learn about grab poses, smooth locomotion, teleportation, grabbable objects, etc: